Finding Articles

ProfSearch is a great search tool to use when you’re just beginning your research. Type in a few words relating to your topic, and you will find articles from most of our academic databases and electronic collections. It will also return results from our print collection. If you want articles only from scholarly publications, you can refine your search with the “articles from scholarly publications” checkbox in the top left corner. You can also limit your search to peer-reviewed sources.

A-Z Databases
If you want to find information on a specific subject area, you can choose your subject (for example, Sociology) from the A-Z Databases list. This allows for more focused searching, since the databases listed are tailored to their particular subject areas. The Rowan University Libraries also has several news collections available online, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times (from 1851 to 2006), the Times (London) from 1785-2007, and others. 

E-Journal Finder
If you are looking for articles in a specific journal, you can browse or search for journal or magazine titles in the E-Journal Finder. This is a quick way to see if the Rowan University Libraries has online coverage of the title and year you are looking for.

Citation Linker
If you have a citation for an article and you would like to get the full text from our online resources, you can use Citation Linker. Simply enter the parts of the citation you know (title, ISSN, journal name, page numbers, volume, author, etc.), and Citation Linker will search all electronic resources for the article. It is a quick way to get right to the article you want.