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New easy-to-use microform reader

Published on February 08, 2013
By Aileen Bachant
Our new ScanPro 2000 is user-friendly and reads all film formats. Check out the picture-editing functions and some other special features!

An Interview with Stanley Domosh

Published on June 28, 2012
By Elizabeth DiPietro
Anyone interested in Mr. Domosh’s Civil War collection can visit Rowan University’s Campbell Library. Samples of his collection will be on display in September and October of 2012.

Interlibrary Loan is now Resource Sharing

Published on August 27, 2009
By Faye E. Robinson
When seeking help with interlibrary loans, the number to dial is 256-4803. That has not changed, but the greeting has. Now you are greeted by a pleasant voice saying, “Resource Sharing, how may I help you?”

A Virtual Reading Room Coming to a Desktop Near You!

Published on May 28, 2009
By Connie
Are you old enough to have experienced the pleasure and sheer delight of sinking into a well worn chair in a current periodicals section, having gathered your "must read" journals for the month? Alas, this scenario depicts a fast fleeting ritual that was once a part of every academic's life.