The Digital Scholarship Center

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The Digital Scholarship Center is located on the third floor of Campbell Library in room 345.


The computers in the Digital Scholarship Center are available during all of the library’s regular hours. The help desk is staffed:
Monday-Thursday: 8AM-11PM
Friday: 10AM-5PM
Saturday: 12PM-6PM
Sunday: 12PM-9PM


In the Digital Scholarship Center, students can access a variety of media editing resources, including software and equipment.  


The Digital Scholarship Center aims to be a crossroads of education, information, creativity and technology. It is a space where users can access and discover new library resources, and develop the expertise necessary for creating digital media projects. In the DSC, all members of the campus community have equal opportunity to enhance their technological literacy, learn how to organize and present their research, and express themselves creatively in the digital world.