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Evidence Base for Ophthalmic Nursing Practice

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Evidence-based Leadership Success Strategies for Nurse Administrators, Advance Practice Nurses (APN), and Doctors of Nursing Practice (DNP)
Sredl, Darlene Majka
Nursing Reference Center (NRC)
Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Intensive Review
Codina Leik, Maria T
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Fast Facts : Diabetes Mellitus

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Fast Facts : Osteoarthritis

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Foundations of nursing research
Nieswiadomy, Rose Marie.
Griffith's instructions for patients
Moore, Stephen W
ClinicalKey Books and Journals
Health Care System Transformation for Nursing and Health Care Leaders
Boykin, Anne, Valentine, Kathleen Louise
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Human Simulation for Nursing and Health Professions
Wilson, Linda, Rockstraw, Leland
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Introductory Statistics for Health and Nursing Using SPSS
Marston, Louise
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Leadership and Management in Nursing Test Success
Wittmann-Price, Ruth A, Cornelius, Frances H
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Management and Leadership in Nursing and Health Care
Rigolosi, Elaine La Monica
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Maternal-newborn Nursing Care
Nagtalon-Ramos, Jamille
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McGraw-Hill's Manual of Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests

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Middle Range Theory for Nursing
Liehr, Patricia R, Smith, Mary Jane
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Nurses' Guide to Teaching Diabetes Self-Management
Mertig, Rita G
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Nursing Ethics in Everyday Practice
Ulrich, Connie M
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Nursing Law and Ethics
Cribb, Alan
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Nursing Leadership from the Outside In
Fitzpatrick, Joyce J, Glazer, Greer Lita
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Nursing Medical Emergency Patients

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Nursing Theories

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Outcome Assessment in Advanced Practice Nursing
Kleinpell, Ruth M
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Pain Management : Expanding the Pharmacological Options

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Pediatric Nursing Care
Ward, Susan L
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Psychiatric Nursing: Assessment, Care Plans, and Medications
Townsend, Mary C
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