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Current clinical medicine
Carey, William D
ClinicalKey Books and Journals
Current diagnosis & treatment: Nephrology & hypertension
Nissenson, Allen R
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Current diagnosis & treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
Klausner, Jeffrey D
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CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment Obstetrics & Gynecology, 12e
DeCherney, Alan H
Current Diagnosis & Treatment Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery
Anil K. Lalwani
CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment Pediatric Neurology

Current Diagnosis & Treatment: Cardiology
Crawford, Michael H.
CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment: Neurology
Brust, John C.M.
Current Diagnosis and Treatment: Emergency Medicine
Humphries, Roger L
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Current Diagnosis and Treatment in Family Medicine
South-Paul, Jeannette E
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Current Diagnosis and Treatment: Surgery
Current Diagnosis & Treatment: Geriatrics
Louise C. Walter
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Current Diagnosis & Treatment in Orthopedics
Skinner, Harry B
Current diagnosis & treatment in otolaryngology- head & neck surgery
Lalwani, Anil K
CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment: Occupational & Environmental Medicine
LaDou, Joseph
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CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment: Pediatric Emergency Medicine

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Current Diagnosis & Treatment: Pediatrics
Hay, William
Current Diagnosis & Treatment: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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Current diagnosis & treatment:Psychiatry
Ebert, Michael H
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Current Diagnosis & Treatment: Rheumatology
Imboden, John B
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CURRENT Guidelines in Primary Care 2020
Jacob A. David
Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2023
Papadakis, Maxine A.
CURRENT Practice Guidelines in Inpatient Medicine 2018–2019

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Current Practice Guidelines in Primary Care 2023
David, Jacob A.
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Current procedures : surgery
Minter, Rebecca M