Rowan University Libraries becomes a supporting member of the Directory of Open Access Journals

November 7, 2016

To promote the visibility and usage of open access research journals, Rowan University Libraries has become a supporting member of the Directory of Open Access Journals [DOAJ]. Our library system has joined an elite list of over 200 publishers, libraries, and agencies that recognize and value the worldwide impact of high quality, open access journals: 

Why is the availability of high-quality, open access materials so important?

Meaningful research is being conducted and published around the world every day, but access to this research—new information, studies and theories—is far from being evenly distributed. Open access articles allow researchers and students living in impoverished or remote communities around the world to acquire and freely share new knowledge. The DOAJ supports this mission by providing free access to more than two million articles in a variety of subject areas. 

The DOAJ maintains a comprehensive list of more than 9,000 reputable, peer-reviewed open access journals from nearly 130 countries around the world. The organization relies on donations from member institutions to support the evaluation of journals and the technical development of the directory listings themselves. Rowan University Libraries proudly joins the group of supporting members, and links directly to the complete list via the library website’s A-Z database list.

To learn more about our own efforts to make research completed at Rowan University freely available around the world, visit our institutional repository, Rowan Digital Works.