Now you can use a new tab on the Library’s home page to search for medical Ebooks only!

February 11, 2015

In addition to the Ebooks search tab on the RowanSOM Library’s home page that allows you to look for Ebook titles in any discipline held by the Rowan Libraries a new tab has been added to the home page that allows you to search for only medical Ebooks titles.  You can search by keyword, or you can display a list of available medical Ebooks by subject.

There is one catch, this service does not contain every medical Ebook held by Rowan so it is not a comprehensive tool, but it does contain a large number of the medical Ebooks, and we are working to add more medical Ebooks titles over time.  To search a comprehensive list of all Ebooks titles in all disciplines held by Rowan Libraries use the Ebooks Search service