Did You Notice the Library's Website Looks Different?

March 17, 2014

Did you notice the Library website looks different today? 

Rowan University is now a multi-campus university with multiple Libraries.  Changes were made to all Library websites over the weekend to better identify the individual campus Libraries that make up Rowan University Libraries.  Each Library website is now identified by its name and school, and a drop down menu at the upper right links to each Library’s website. 

As you utilize the Libraries’ E-books, E-journals, databases, and other resources you may also encounter a new Rowan University Libraries landing page that lists, links and briefly describes the four Libraries that comprise Rowan University Libraries.  This landing page better allows users to navigate back to a Library website after doing research.        

Also, the colors of the main navigation menu for all Library websites has been changed to a black background to better match the navigation menu on the new Rowan University website.

We hope these changes will make clearer what Library website you are visiting and easier to navigate the Rowan University Libraries’ websites.