Library Support for Rutgers-Stratford Programs

June 28, 2013

The Health Sciences Library in Stratford will continue to provide services and resources to the students, faculty and staff in the new Rutgers programs on the Stratford Campus.

The Library will continue to purchase materials for the Reserve and Board Review collections, as well as for the Circulating collection, in support of the Rutgers programs. Laptops, group study rooms, headphones, and other non-book items can still be used by Rutgers students. At this time, you will not be able to use your print quota in the Library.  Printing and copying charges will remain the same at10 cents per page.

Borrowing from the Library’s print collection will be unaffected, however you will have to complete a new registration form the first time that you come to the Library to borrow an item after July 1. This will take very little of your time. We will also give you a new barcode for your ID badge.

A new website has been developed for the Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences Libraries which will include all resources currently available from the UMDNJ University Libraries.

There is a link on the Rowan SOM Health Sciences Library’s homepage that will help Rutgers students and staff to access the Rutgers University Libraries online resources and the other materials that you need for your courses.

Access to the Library’s online resources through our Rowan webpage will be available from within the Library. Library staff can sign students onto the computers with a guest password. Remote access to our Rowan collection will not be available to Rutgers program participants, however you will have access to all Rutgers University Libraries’ resources both on and off campus.

The Stratford Library staff will continue to provide training and support for your programs.

Please contact the Library staff with any questions or concerns.