“Share your heritage” , the RowanSOM Library’s new exhibit celebrating our diversity

September 27, 2017

For the next Library exhibit, we are changing direction. The students, faculty and staff of Rowan SOM and GSBS come from all parts of the world, so let’s celebrate our diversity with a display of the clothing that illustrates who you are, or where you, or your family, come from. We would like to invite you to lend an item of clothing, headgear, or some fabric that represents your ethnic heritage, your family homeland or your place of birth.  All items will be kept in the Library’s locked exhibit case.  We would also appreciate a few sentences describing your item and how it fits into your homeland or heritage.

Please contact Micki McIntyre ( mcintyrem@rowan.edu or 856-566-6936) and let her know you are interested, and what you can lend to the Library for the exhibit.