New Exhibit - Doctors on TV Through the Years

December 11, 2018

Stop in at the library to get a peek at our nostalgic look at “Doctors on TV” through the years.

Doctors have been portrayed on TV since the advent of television in the early 1950s - long before our students were born - but staff will remember some of these shows that premiered throughout the years. From doctoring in the Old West to the cutting edge work with 3D printers in California to Emergency Departments everywhere – we’ve seen it all via television.

Browse a bit and see the doctors who were the McDreamys of an earlier era (looking at you Dr. Kildare and Ben Casey), and those who might have been the inspiration for incoming medical students (hopefully not the residents on Scrubs) and everyone in between.

Grab a post-it note from the front desk and let us know if any of these shows were responsible for your interest in medicine, if you had a particular “McDreamy” or if you have favorite memories of watching certain episodes. Just post them on the end of the display case.