New and Updated Ebooks for March/April

April 5, 2019

Publishers and vendors are always adding, updating and removing Ebooks from their online collections.  Check the Library's website periodically for changes to Rowan University Libraries Ebook holdings.

New and updated Ebooks added to the Library's online collection for March and April, 2019:

Abeloff’s Clinical Oncology (Niederhuber, John) 6th ed; ISBN: 9780323476744 (New edition)

Abrahams’ and McMinn’s Clinical Atlas of Human Anatomy (Abrahams, Peter) 8th ed; ISBN: 9780702073328 (New edition)

DeLee Drez & Miller’s Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (Miller, Mark) 5th ed; ISBN: 9780323544733 (New edition)

Diagnostic Atlas of Cutaneous Mesenchymal Neoplasia (Calonje, Eduardo) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781455725014 (New title)

Essential Concepts in Clinical Research (Schulz, Kenneth) 2nd ed; ISBN: 9780702073946 (New title)

Gray’s Anatomy for Students (Drake, Richard) 4th ed; ISBN: 9780323393041 (New edition)

Lumbar Interbody Fusions (Manjila, Sunil) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323476638 (New title)

Neuroblastoma (Ray, Swapan) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780128120057 (New title)

Pathology of Melanocytic Tumors (Busam, Klaus) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323374576 (New title)

Quality and Safety in Neurosurgery (Guillaume, Daniel) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780128128985 (New title)

Refractive Surgery (Azar, Dimitri) 3rd ed; ISBN: 9780323547697 (New title)

Stevens & Lowe’s Human Histology (Lowe, James) 5th ed; ISBN: 9780323612791 (New edition)

Surgical Decision Making (McIntyre, Robert) 6th ed; ISBN: 9780323525244 (New title)

Ebooks No Longer Available:

Botulinum Toxin: Therapeutic Clinical Practice and Science (Jankovic, Joseph) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781416049289;

Clinical Mycology (Anaissie, Elias) 2nd ed; ISBN: 9781416056805

Diagnostic Atlas of Melanocytic Pathology (McKee, Phillip) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323048132.

Essentials of Breast Surgery: A Volume in the Surgical Foundations Series (Sabel, Michael) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323037587

Hughes, Mansel & Webster’s Benign Disorders and Diseases of the Breast (Mansel, Robert) 3rd ed; ISBN: 9780702027741

Stroke in Children and Young Adults (Biller, Jose) 2nd ed; ISBN: 9780750674188