PubMed is Changing!

December 9, 2019

You may have noticed a new look to PubMed over the last few weeks.  In mid-November the National Library of Medicine (NLM) announced the soft launch of the new PubMed.  Sometime in spring 2020 the new PubMed will replace legacy (old) PubMed.  Until then both versions of PubMed are available for use.    

PubMed search boxes and links to PubMed from the RowanSOM Library website and guides will continue to go to legacy PubMed for a while longer while NLM continues to improve functionality and refines new PubMed.  However, if you use a computer that has visited the new PubMed recently and depending on the computer’s browser history and cookie settings you may be taken to the new version when clicking PubMed links or searching PubMed from the Rowan Libraries’ websites and guides.

Learn more about the new PubMed from NLM.

If you have questions about the new PubMed feel free to contact your RowanSOM Librarians by using our AskALibrarian form.