Announcing LibKey, a New Easy Way to Download Articles from PubMed!

February 24, 2020

Rowan University Libraries is pleased to announce that the Rowan community can now use LibKey.  

What is LibKey?

LibKey is a suite of products offered by Third Iron, the makers of Browzine, another product available through the Rowan Libraries.  LibKey provides one-click access to download library-licensed and open access articles from many databases, including PubMed. Whenever possible, LibKey bypasses the libraries’ discovery system listing of multiple online access options for an article and offers an immediate Download PDF button. If immediate download is not possible, it directs users to the discovery system as before. 

LibKey includes 3 components. LibKey Discovery and LibKey Link are back end tools that the Libraries will tenatively implement on June 15 and users will not have to do anything. The 3rd product, LibKey Nomad is a Chrome browser extension, and can be used now. It is very easy to install, configure, and use with the Chrome browser. Please see the LIbKey Nomad guide for information on installing, configuring and using LibKey Nomad.  

Please contact Kevin Block ( ) at the RowanSOM Library with any questions or comments.