New resources to look forward to in the new year!

November 23, 2015

Hard to believe, but the end of the fall semester is upon us! While you're away sipping eggnog and enjoying winter break with family and friends, we'll be busy getting new resources ready for you to enjoy in spring 2016!

On the list of new resources to be added this spring are a few of the following, purchased due to popular demand:

Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy

A wonderful resource for our future teachers, current teachers, and teachers of teachers, this Taylor & Francis journal is dedicated to research on curriculum theory and so much more! Researchers from a variety of disciplines explore historical, philosophical, gendered, racial, ethnic, indigenous, postcolonial, linguistic, autobiographical, aesthetic, theological, and/or international curriculum concerns and issues.

Community College Journal of Research and Practice

Another international Taylor & Francis publication, this multidisciplinary journal is published twelve times per year for researchers and practitioners in higher education and the behavioral and social sciences. Explore community college issues through articles providing an exchange of ideas, research, and empirically tested educational innovations.

Visual Inquiry: Learning and Teaching Art

This double-blind, peer-reviewed journal is for our art and art education community! The wonderful breadth of content and topics includes:

 - Reflections on artwork
 - Interviews,
 - Exhibition reviews
 - Teaching art (at all school levels)
 - History of art education
 - Art-based research
 - Design education
 - Teaching art outside school walls

...and more!

Science Translational Medicine

And, for our researchers in medicine and biotechnology, Science Translational Medicine publishes science-based research articles, peer-reviewed by editors, experts in the field, and an international advisory group of scientists and clinician-scientists.

The journal's scope includes: Cardiovascular disease, immunology/vaccines, metabolism/diabetes/obesity, neuroscience/neurology/psychiatry, cancer, infectious diseases, policy, behavior, bioengineering, chemical genomics/drug discovery, imaging, applied physical sciences, medical nanotechnology, drug delivery, biomarkers, gene therapy/regenerative medicine, toxicology and pharmacokinetics, data mining, cell culture, animal and human studies, medical informatics, and other interdisciplinary approaches to medicine.

If you have questions about any of these new resources, please contact our Reference Desk:  856-256-4801 OR chat with us online.