New and Updated Ebooks for December

December 1, 2020

Publishers and vendors are always adding, updating and removing Ebooks from their online collections.  Check the Library's website periodically for changes to Rowan University Libraries Ebook holdings.

Check the Rowan Medical Libraries Ebooks site for a select list of medical Ebooks grouped by subject that the Rowan community have online access to.  

New and updated Ebooks added to the Library's online collection for December, 2020:

Atlas of Diagnostic Hematology (Salama, Mohamed) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323567381 (New title)

Atlas of Pediatric Echocardiography (Kucera, Filip) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323759816 (New title)

Clinical Cases in Tropical Medicine (Rothe, Camilla) 2nd ed; ISBN: 9780702078798 (New edition)

Dermatology: An Illustrated Colour Text (Gawkrodger, David) 7th ed; ISBN: 9780702079962 (New edition)

Diagnostic Ultrasound for Sonographers (Kamaya, Aya) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323625166 (New title)

Diastology (Klein, Allan L.) 2nd ed; ISBN: 9780323640671 (New edition)

Emery and Rimoin’s Principles and Practice of Medical Genetics and Genomics: Metabolic Disorders (Pyeritz, Reed E.) 7th ed; ISBN: 9780128125359 (New title)

The Eye (Forrester, John V.) 5th ed; ISBN: 9780702079931(New edition)

Imaging in Abdominal Surgery (Federle, Michael P.) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323611350 (New title)

Imaging in Gastroenterology (Federle, Michael P.) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323554084 (New title)

Imaging in Neurology (Osborn, Anne G.) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323447812 (New title)

Imaging in Otolaryngology (Gurgel, Richard K.) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323545082 (New title)

Imaging in Pediatrics (Merrow, A. Carlson) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323477789 (New title)

Imaging in Spine Surgery (Ross, Jeffrey S.) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323485548 (New title)

Imaging in Urology (Tublin, Mitchell) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323548090 (New title)

Interventional Management of Chronic Visceral Pain Syndromes (Pak, Daniel J.) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323757751 (New title)

Neuro-Oncology for the Clinical Neurologist (Strowd, Roy E.) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323694940 (New title)

Robbins and Cotran Atlas of Pathology (Klatt, Edward C.) 4th ed; ISBN: 9780323640183 (New edition)

Sobotta Clinical Atlas of Human Anatomy (Hombach-Klonisch, Sabine) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780702052736 (New title)  

EBooks Removed:

Acute Coronary Syndromes: A Companion to Braunwald’s Heart Disease (Theroux, Pierre) 2nd ed; ISBN: 9781416049272

Atlas of Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery (VATS) (McKenna, Robert) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781416062639

Atlas of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS (Morse, Stephen) 4th ed; ISBN: 9780702040603

Cerebral Revascularization (Abdulrauf, Saleem) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781437717853

Comprehensive Treatment of the Aging Spine, The (Yue, James Joseph) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781437703733

Endovascular Surgery (Moore, Wesley) 4th ed; ISBN: 9781416062080

Netter’s Correlative Imaging: Musculoskeletal Anatomy (Major, Nancy) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781437700121

Peripheral Nerve Blocks and Peri-Operative Pain Relief (Harmon, Dominic) 2nd ed; ISBN: 9780702031489