ATTN Performing Arts majors! Medici.TV now at your library! And, yup - there's an app for that!

July 15, 2015

Operas! Ballets! Orchestral and Instrumental Performances -- if you're a regular user of our Alexander Street resources (Dance in Video, Opera in Video, and Classical Music in Video), you're going to LOVE Medici.TV!

Medici.TV goes beyond these other databases in its attention to many master classes, documentaries, and live performances, including world-renowned competitions and festivals. Outstanding live performances are announced and webcast live during the actual performance, giving the viewer the excitement of being in the audience at the very moment of the performance! Recorded versions of performances are made available for subsequent viewing and closer study. Medici.TV also provides biographical information on performers and historical accounts of some of the concerts. It also provides listeners the opportunity to provide comments and read others’ comments about the performances. Also popular are some performances, documentaries, and classes in jazz – a genre not found in the other Alexander Street databases of video. 

Students of history, religion, education, literature and drama will also find this new resource to be valuable. And, medical students and faculty may find documentaries dealing with physical injuries related to performance to be especially useful. 

Service is available on all digital devices: computers, smartphones, tablets. Download the brand new version of’s app for free via these links:

·         App Store :

·         Play Store :