Welcome New and Returning Students!

July 12, 2021

Welcome to new RowanSOM students and welcome back to returning RowanSOM students!  We missed you last year and are happy to see students return to campus.  We look forward to a successful and productive year! 

A couple of reminders regarding the library as a new semester begins at RowanSOM:

  • Reservations are again required to use the 4 small, study rooms at the back of the library.  The reservation policy had been suspended while occupancy and social distancing restrictions were in place.  Use the library's online reservation system to make a study room reservation.  
  • When restrirctions were in place food of any kind was not allowed to be consummed in the library, but dry, snack type food is again allowed to be consumed in the library.   Beverages in covered containers are also permitted in the library.  See the library's food and beverage policy for more information on what types of food are allowed and not allowed to be consumed in the library. 
  • Remember to keep conversations and noice in the library to a minumum.  Do not make or recieve phone calls in the library, please leave the library to take calls.  Your fellow students are studying.     
  • The library keeps at least one copy of all required textbooks on reserve behind the service desk for use by students in the library.  The library provides online access to many required and recommended textbooks. See the required and recommended books guides for lists of required and recommened textbooks and links to the full-text online version, if available.   
  • The library is now open until 9pm during the week and has reopened on Sundays. The library is operating at minimal staffing levels and is uable to expand hours further at this time.  It is hoped that after Labor Day new staff will be available and with the help of work-study positions the library will be able to expand hours on evenings and weekends.   

New student student orientation will take place in the library on the mornings of Tuesday, July 13 and Wednesday, July 14.  Expect the library to be crowded and a little noisy during this time.