Rowan University Libraries’ Open Values Statement

October 27, 2021

At Rowan University Libraries (RUL), we support open principles and practices in the creation, dissemination and open access to research, scholarship, and creative works. Whenever possible, RUL believes in removing barriers to the creation, sharing, and access to knowledge and information. Our support for open access is rooted in our commitment to: 

  • Increase the visibility and impact of Rowan University research on a national and global scale
  • Facilitate equitable access to scholarly materials for the betterment of society
  • Enable interdisciplinary research collaboration via open scholarship and open infrastructure
  • Create opportunities for innovative scholarship through open sharing and reuse of research outputs
  • Facilitate making publicly funded research openly available to all

The full statement can be read on the Rowan University Libraries website.

Form more information about Scholarly Communications see the Scholarly Communications LibGuide.