New and Updated Ebooks for December

December 6, 2021

Publishers and vendors are always adding, updating and removing Ebooks from their online collections.  Check the Library's website periodically for changes to Rowan University Libraries Ebook holdings.

New and updated Ebooks added to the Library's online collections for December 2021.

 Benzel’s Spine Surgery (Steinmetz, Michael P.) 5th ed; ISBN: 9780323636681 (New edition)

Blood Gases and Critical Care Testing (Toffaletti, John G.) 3rd ed; ISBN: 9780323899710 (New title)

Bone Cancer (Heymann, Dominique) 3rd ed; ISBN: 9780128216668 (New edition)

Calipered Kinematically aligned Total Knee Arthroplasty (Bini, Stefano) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323756266 (New title)

Clinical Ethics: A Practical Approach to Ethical Decisions in Clinical Medicine (Albert R. Jonsen) 17th ed. ISBN 9781260457544

Clinical Laboratory Methods: Atlas of Commonly Performed Tests (Michael Laposata) 9th ed; ISBN 9781260470284

Coronavirus Disease: From Origin to Outbreak (Qureshi, Adnan I.) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780128244098 (New title)

Gabbe’s Obstetrics Essentials: Normal & Problem Pregnancies (Landon, Mark B.) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323609746 (New title)  

Management of Post-Facial Paralysis Synkinesis (Azizzadeh, Babak) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323673310 (New title)

A Medication Guide to Internal Medicine Tests and Procedures (Hughes, Gregory) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323790079 (New title)

Pediatric Headache (Gladstein, Jack) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323830058 (New title)

Review of Medical Microbiology & Immunology: A Guide to Clinical Infectious Diseases (Levinson, Warren) 17th ed. ISBN 9781264267088

Stoelting’s Anesthesia and Co-Existing Disease (Hines, Roberta L.) 8th ed; ISBN: 9780323718608 (New edition)

Teleneurology (Wright, Randall) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323826198 (New title)

 EBooks Removed from Clinical Key

Allergy (Holgate, Stephen) 4th ed; ISBN: 9780723436584

Buchwald’s Atlas of Metabolic & Bariatric Surgical Techniques and Procedures (Buchwald, Henry) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781416031062

Dermatologic and Cosmetic Procedures in Office Practice (Usatine, Richard) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781437705805

Electrophysiological Disorders of the Heart (Saksena, Sanjeev) 2nd ed; ISBN: 9781437702859

Operative Elbow Surgery (Stanley, David) 5th ed; ISBN: 9780702030994

Ophthalmic Surgery: Principles and Practice (Spaeth, George) 4th ed; ISBN: 9781416024569