New and Updated Ebooks for July

July 21, 2022

Publishers and vendors are always adding, updating and removing Ebooks from their online collections.  Check the Library's website periodically for changes to Rowan University Libraries Ebook holdings.

New and updated Ebooks added to the Library's online collections for July 2022.

 Adrenal Disorders (Young, William) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323792851 (New title)

Applied Knowledge in Paediatrics: : MRCPCH Mastercourse (Hewitt, Martin) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780702080371 (New title)

Atlas of Laparoscopic and Robotic Urologic Surgery (Bishoff, Jay) 3rd ed; ISBN: 9780323393263 (New edition)

Atlas of Pain Management Injection Techniques (Waldman, Steven) 5th ed; ISBN: 9780323828260 (New edition)

Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology (Goldblum, John) 2nd ed; ISBN: 9780323758710 (New edition)

The Chest Wall and Abdomen (Waldman, Steven) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323846882 (New edition)

Complications in Orthopaedics: Adult Reconstruction (Courtney, P. Maxwell) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323824378 (New edition)

Congenital Heart Disease (Van Praagh, Richard) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781560533689 (New title)

Cosmetic Facial Surgery (Niamtu, Joe) 3rd ed; ISBN: 9780323795197 (New edition)

Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine (Penman, Ian) 24th ed; ISBN: 9780702083471 (New edition)

Endoscopic Craniosynostosis Surgery (Jimenez, David F.) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323721752 (New title)

Evidence-Based Practice of Anesthesiology (Fleisher, Lee) 4th ed; ISBN: 9780323778466 (New edition)

Ferri’s Best Test (Ferri, Fred) 5th ed; ISBN: 9780323812894 (New edition)

Ferri’s Clinical Advisor 2023 (Ferri, Fred) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323755733 (New title)

Gomella and Haist’s Clinician’s Pocket Reference (Gomella, Leonard) 12th ed; ISBN 9780071602822 (New edition)

Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry (Kennelly, Peter) 32nd ed; ISBN: 9781260469943 (New edition)

Kaufman’s Clinical Neurology for Psychiatrists (Kaufman, David M.) 9th ed; ISBN: 9780323775625 (New edition)

Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office (Malamed, Stanley) 8th ed; ISBN: 9780323776158 (New edition)

National Kidney Foundation Primer on Kidney Diseases (Gilbert, Scott) 8th ed; ISBN: 9780323791229 (New edition)

Nelson Pediatric Symptom-Based Diagnosis (Kliegman, Robert M.) 2nd ed; ISBN: 9780323761741 (New edition)

Netter’s Pediatrics (Tenney Soeiro) 2nd ed; ISBN: 9780323796088 (New edition)

The Ophthalmic Assistant (Stein, Harold A.) 11th ed; ISBN: 9780323757546 (New edition)

Ophthalmology Secrets (Gault, Janice A.) 5th ed; ISBN: 9780323661881 (New edition)

Practical Management of Pain (Benzon, Honorio) 6th ed; ISBN: 9780323711012 (New edition)

Prehospital Emergency Medicine Secrets (Olympia, Robert P.) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323722667 (New title)

Principles and Practice of Pediatric Infectious Diseases (Long, Sarah) 6th ed; ISBN: 9780323756082 (New edition)

Rhinoplasty (Khan, Husain Ali) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323697750 (New title)

Rosen’s Emergency Medicine: Concepts and Clinical Practice (Walls, Ron) 10th ed; ISBN: 9780323757898 (New edition)

Single-Port Robotic Surgery in Urology (Bertolo, Riccardo) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323919067 (New title)

Tibial Plateau Fractures (Riehl, John T.) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323825689 (New title)

The Wrist and Hand (Waldman, Steven) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323834537 (New title)  

Ebooks removed

Aminoff’s Electrodiagnosis in Clinical Neurology (Aminoff, Michael) 6th ed; ISBN: 9781455703081; Package/Collection: Neurology.

Atlas of Clinical Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (Wilcox, Charles) 3rd ed; ISBN: 9781437719093; Package/Collection: Gastroenterology-Hepatology.

Best Evidence for Spine Surgery: 20 Cardinal Cases (Jandial, Rahul) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781437716252; Package/Collection: Neurosurgery.

Diagnostic Ultrasound for Sonographers (Kamaya, Aya) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780323625166; Package/Collection: Radiology Extended.

Harriet Lane Handbook of Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy, The (McMillan, Julia) 2nd ed; ISBN: 9780323112475; Package/Collection: Pediatrics.

Hematopathology: A Volume in the High Yield Pathology Series (Aster, Jon) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781437717587; Package/Collection: Pathology Extended.

Henry’s Clinical Diagnosis and Management by Laboratory Methods (McPherson, Richard) 24th ed; ISBN: 9780323295680; Package/Collection: Pathology Essentials.

High-Yield Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology (Horvai, Andrew) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781437725209; Package/Collection: Pathology Extended.

Lanzkowsky’s Manual of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology (Lanzkowsky, Philip) 6th ed; ISBN: 9780128013687; Package/Collection: Hematology-Oncology-Palliative.

Medicine: A Competency-Based Companion (Israel, Jessica) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781416053514; Package/Collection: Flex Only*.

Pediatric Bone (Glorieux, Francis) 2nd ed; ISBN: 9780123820402; Package/Collection: Pediatrics.

Perioperative Transesophageal Echocardiography (Reich, David) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781455707614; Package/Collection: Anesthesiology.

Principles of Echocardiography (Hutchison, Stuart) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781437704037; Package/Collection: Flex Only*.

Reducing Risks and Complications of Interventional Pain Procedures (Ranson, Matthew) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781437722208; Package/Collection: Pain Medicine.

Rhinoplasty (Guyuron, Bahman) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781416037514; Package/Collection: Plastic Surgery.

Sande’s HIV/AIDS Medicine: Medical Management of AIDS (Volberding, Paul) 2nd ed; ISBN: 978145570695; Package/Collection: Infectious Disease.

Surgery for Urinary Incontinence (Dmochowski, Roger) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781416062677; Package/Collection: Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Surgical Management of Pelvic Organ Prolapse (Karram, Mickey) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781416062660; Package/Collection: Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Tendon Surgery of the Hand (Tang, Jin Bo) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781437722307; Package/Collection: Flex Only*.

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (Dasgupta, Amitava) 1st ed; ISBN: 9780123854674; Package/Collection: Internal Medicine Extended.

Thoracic Pathology: High-Yield Pathology Series (Husain, Aliya) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781437723809; Package/Collection: Pathology Extended.

Vaginal Surgery for the Urologist (Nitti, Victor) 1st ed; ISBN: 9781416062684; Package/Collection: Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Wounds and Lacerations: Emergency Care and Closure (Trott, Alexander) 4th ed; ISBN; : 9780323074186 Package/Collection: Emergency Medicine.