Adopt discarded bound journal from the Rowan-Virtua SOM Health Sciences Library

April 24, 2023

The Health Sciences Library is preparing to remove the Library bookstacks in early June and replace the space with group study rooms and compact shelving for the books and journals that we keep.  

We have identified many sets of bound journals that are no longer of use primarily because their content has been digitized and is either available online through Rowan University Libraries or through an open access collection such as PubMedCentral.  

Ultimately, we intend to dispose of more than 800 linear feet of bound volumes. If you visit the Health Sciences Library, you will see bright yellow spine labels affixed to the bound volumes that are destined for discarding. Please be assured that we are NOT discarding any print volume that focuses on any aspect of Osteopathic Medicine. Many of these print volumes are basic and clinical science journals, and we know the content is inaccurate because of their age. .

For the next three weeks, April 24,2023 - May 15, 2023, we will allow Rowan-Virtua SOM faculty, students, and affiliates to identify volumes tagged for discard to be marked as discards and taken home for personal use. Prior to obtaining the discarded volumes, the Library staff will need to note their fate in the online inventory record, as well as stamp the volumes as an official library discard.

Once a potential benefactor visits and knows what volumes they would like to take home (only yellow labeled volumes are eligible), please fill out the form at  Please allow the Library staff three business days to pull and prepare the volumes to leave the library. The Library will notify you when your requested volumes are ready for pick up. While we do not have boxes to give out for transport, book carts are available to borrow for transportation to your vehicle.