Introducing the Family Study Space: A Welcoming Environment for Students with Children

November 22, 2023
Image of Family Study Space

Rowan University's Campbell Library is now offering a unique solution for parents juggling the responsibilities of both academics and childcare. The forthcoming "Family Study Space" will make it easier for students, staff, faculty, and community members to bring their children along while they study. We understand the unique challenges faced by parents who are also students or staff members. This space is an expansion of the efforts to support student parents on campus, in partnership with the Family Friendly Campus Initiative. The Family Study Space is designed to create a safe and engaging space for both parents and children.

Situated in the Children's Books section on the second floor of Campbell Library (direct access from the Gold Elevator), the Family Study Space is a haven for parents seeking to balance their academic pursuits with their family responsibilities. The space is currently a work in progress. Currently, we feature an array of children's books, and plan to include more books, games, toys, and comfortable furniture, to ensure this space caters to children of all ages while their parents focus on their academic work. The space will be available during all operating hours of the library, including finals extended hours.

The concept behind the Family Study Space is simple and convenient – there is no need for reservations or special arrangements. Parents are encouraged to visit at their convenience, with the only request being to respect the rights and responsibilities outlined within the space.

The launch of the Family Study Space at Campbell Library exemplifies the Rowan University Libraries’ dedication to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment, ensuring that everyone can access and benefit from educational resources and opportunities. This new initiative expands our services tailored to meet your needs. We welcome and appreciate all feedback to help us better serve you.

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