Terms of Use

The Rowan University Libraries website and all of its contents are the property of Rowan University and maintained by staff at Rowan University Libraries. Permission to connect, view, and interact with this website is given only to those who agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this document. The website supports education and research efforts at Rowan University, and contributes to the intellectual, social and personal growth of those who visit the website. Use of the website implies an agreement between the user and Rowan University.


The Rowan University Libraries website incorporates both limited access web pages, which are made accessible only to Rowan University community members, as well as pages that are freely available for review on the Internet. Rowan University community members are defined as students registered for classes whose accounts are in good standing, faculty members teaching at least one course, and employees of Rowan University.


Users of this website agree to conduct themselves in a manner that is lawful. Use of the site will be terminated if, opinion of those who own or administer the site, the user is engaged in unlawful and unacceptable behavior such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Content or actions that defame others
  • Content or action that is bigoted, hateful or ethnically or racially offensive
  • Content that is obscene, threatening, or otherwise objectionable
  • Discussion of illegal activities with the intent to commit them
  • Content or action that infringes upon another’s intellectual property rights including, but not limited to, copyright or trademarks
  • Content designed to inflict damage or harm to another’s property including, viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other harmful or disruptive files, or components
  • Content or action that promotes, advertises or solicits any commercial product or service without explicit written permission from Rowan University
  • Content or actions that restricts or inhibits the use of this site as defined in the terms of this agreement
  • Reusing, reselling, redistributing, modifying, adapting, reverse engineering or otherwise tampering with any resource that is part of this website

Anyone who attempts to access another’s personal information or misrepresent one’s identity will be in violation of this agreement and may be subject to further legal action.

All users agree to indemnify, defend and hold Rowan University and Rowan University Libraries harmless against any claims, damages or expenses that arise directly or indirectly by a user’s breach or violation of the agreement.

Copyright and Licenses

The Rowan University Libraries website is protected under Title 17 of the United States Code, and by International Copyright Law. Rowan University reserves all rights to materials for which it claims ownership. Many materials accessible through the Rowan University Library Services website are under license agreements. By accessing licensed materials, users agree to abide by all statements and restrictions expressed in these licenses including, but not limited to, the statements:

  • Rowan University Libraries makes no claim to freely available websites, but users who access these pages through links on our own website agree to abide by terms of use in this document, as well as all terms of use for linked pages.
  • Unless otherwise noted, Rowan University claims ownership to all text, images, illustrations, patterns, designs, logos, icons, photographs, audio or video materials, and any other components of intellectual property of the Rowan University Libraries website.
  • Rowan University Libraries complies with Title 17 of the United States Code regarding restrictions of copyright, which governs the reproduction, distribution, adaptation, public performance, and public display of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions of the law, Rowan University Libraries, as a nonprofit Library system, is authorized to allow the downloading of material for research and personal use. Any person who makes unauthorized copies or adaptations of the downloaded material, redistributes the downloaded material, or publicly performs or displays downloaded materials, except as permitted by Title 17 of the United States Code, may be liable for copyright infringement. Rowan University Libraries reserves the right to refuse access to web resources on or linked to its site if access will lead to violation of copyright law.

Sale of Items and Services

Rowan University Libraries does not sell or make products available for sale online, nor does it charge current members of the Rowan community for services except in specific and clearly identified instances of cost recovery, such as some Interlibrary Loan services. Rowan University Libraries does not underwrite, promote, or support advertising found on web pages it licenses, or to which it maintains links. Rowan University Libraries claims no connection to, or responsibility for, any item or service on any page not loaded on the Rowan University servers. Rowan University Libraries specifically recommends that community members make no purchase of the full text of a journal or periodical article without first confirming that the article of interest is not owned, licensed or otherwise obtainable through the library.


Rowan University Libraries collects some personal information about its users in order to establish accounts, communicate with users about library services, and to ensure that current Rowan University members have the ability to gain access to resources. Rowan University Libraries recognizes the vital need to maintain confidentiality and will take reasonable means to limit the degree to which personal information is used or made available.

Usernames and Passwords

As noted above, some parts of the Rowan University Libraries website are licensed for use by, and only available to, current Rowan University members. Users are given passwords for the purpose of accessing resources licensed for use through the Rowan University Libraries’ webpages. Access and permission to use password-protected resources is solely at the discretion of Rowan University Libraries. Users of resources and services accessible through the Rowan University Library Services website may not distribute or otherwise share their usernames and passwords without the explicit, written permission of Rowan University or Rowan University Libraries. Users are responsible for maintaining the privacy of their usernames and passwords. Failure to maintain the privacy of one’s username and password, or the deliberate dissemination of a username and password, will result in the immediate suspension of the affected account and may result in additional legal action by Rowan University.

Rowan University and Rowan University Libraries reserve the right to change or modify the terms of use, resources and services at any time, for any reason whatsoever, without notification. Users should visit this page to stay current with the terms of use. Violation of these terms will be considered a breach of this agreement, and may result in the termination of the user’s access to the Library’s site, resources and services. Rowan University and Rowan University Libraries solely and exclusively determine whether users are meeting the agreement of these terms.