University Archives & Special Collections Renovations - Reading Room closure

March 7, 2024
A History class reviews artifacts with Sara Borden, CA, in the UASC Reading Room, Campbell Library.

We are thrilled to announce that University Archives & Special Collections (UASC) will soon undergo an exciting renovation as a part of our Campbell Library Renovation Project.

This renovation will create a more expansive space for showcasing and studying precious primary source documents, artifacts, and collections and reflects our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible experience for researchers and visitors.

As we prepare for these transformative changes, the UASC Reading Room (3rd floor, Campbell Library) will be closed to researchers from March 2024 until June 2025. However, we are dedicated to ensuring that research and scholarship continue during this time, and virtual research consultations may be available on a limited basis.

Please reach out to University Archivist, Sara Borden, CA, at or (856) 256-4945, with any questions about this closure, as well as to get more information on virtual research consultations.

Please note that any ongoing projects during the Spring 2024 semester will not be affected by this closure.

We are grateful for your understanding and support as we embark on this exciting journey to create a more vibrant and accessible home for our history.