Rowan Digital Works: Promote yourself, your research and your institution

November 7, 2016
Screenshot of Rowan Digital Works

Reputation and Scholarship

Rowan Digital Works, a service of Rowan University Libraries, provides free, worldwide access to the scholarly, creative, and cultural works of Rowan University.  Scholarship and creative works hosted by institutional repositories have global impact. Faculty and researchers—especially those seeking tenure—may upload article preprints and other eligible content to showcase the impact of their work, identify where and how many times their work has been downloaded, and exactly how many times it has been accessed to support others’ research. 

Exposure for Rowan University

Rowan Digital Works is indexed by Google, allowing researchers to easily discover the work of faculty, as well as their affiliation to Rowan University, through a simple Google search.  This increases visibility for both faculty members and Rowan University, attracting the very best students and new faculty to our growing community. 

Access to Information

Does your grant require that data sets or sections of your research be made publicly available? Rowan Digital Works can help you fulfill access requirements. And, researchers around the world without access to our resources can study your work and bring new knowledge to their communities. Want proof? Last month, Rowan University scholarship was read by 592 institutions across 111 countries! 

Our librarians are here to help you manage your intellectual outputs. Make an appointment with a librarian today to learn how you post your work, publish your own profile, and make your area of expertise known to the world! Chat with a librarian at 856-256-4801, or visit to learn more.