Camp Campbell: A Month of Fun and Wellness

November 8, 2023
Flyer for Camp Campbell 2023

Throughout the month of October, Rowan University's Campbell Library's Access Services department held a series of exciting events collectively known as Camp Campbell. These engaging and free activities were hosted on Tuesdays, and designed to provide students with a refreshing break from their academic pursuits while promoting mental and emotional wellness.

The first Camp Campbell event featured a friendship bracelet making workshop. This activity proved to be a hit among students, who came to craft colorful bracelets, a trend popularized by none other than music sensation Taylor Swift.

On the second Tuesday of the month, the library shifted gears to host an outdoor games event. Partnering with the wellness center, students were treated to a variety of life-size games such as Connect Four, cornhole, and Jenga. These games provided a healthy outlet for stress relief and served as a reminder that wellness can be fun.

In support of student wellness, the library participated in Fresh Check Day, on the third Tuesday of October. Camp Campbell is an annual event dedicated to promoting resources for health and emotional well-being. The library's table in the student center ballroom featured a selection of popular reading books. Additionally, a display table highlighted the many benefits of reading on mental wellness, including stress reduction, enhanced empathy, improved sleep, and cognitive engagement. Students were given the opportunity to paint their own positivity rocks to share with friends or leave around campus.

The grand finale of Camp Campbell was the "Trail Mix Remix" event, where students had the opportunity to create their own custom bags of trail mix. This hands-on activity allowed students to blend their favorite ingredients and create personalized snacks.

Camp Campbell's success is a testament to the library's commitment to providing more than just a quiet study space. The library aims to be a hub for holistic student development, supporting not only academic success but also mental and emotional well-being.

With October's Camp Campbell now behind us, keep an eye out for the library's upcoming mystery event in November, the next chapter in Campbell Library's ongoing efforts to offer fun ways for students to stay involved and maintain a balanced lifestyle.