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To assure availability of material prior to the start of classes, submit requests for the fall semester by August 1, spring semester by December 1, and summer sessions by May 1.

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Provide a list of items you wish to place on reserve. You may include as many items as you wish by copying and pasting the information into the field below.  See the suggested format below.

If you are requesting to place a large number of items on reserve we suggest that you compile the list in your favorite word processor or text editor and copy and paste the text in the field below.

Please use the following format and include as much information as possible.

Title:          [Item Title Goes Here]
Author:         [Item Author if Known]
Type:           [One of Book, Audio,  Video, or Other]
Publication Year: [Include if known]
Edition:        [Include if known]
Owner:          [One of Rowan Libraries or Instructor Copy]
Call Number:    [Include if libraries own the item and you know it]
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