Locating Books and Journals

Library Search, provides access to the combined resources, print and online books and journals, of the Rowan University Libraries. Library Search is accessible via the Rowan-Virtua SOM Health Sciences Library’s website.  Users can also renew eligable checked out items using LIbrary Search or by calling the library at 856 566-6800 or email .

Circulation Policies

Patrons must present their own Rowan-Virtua SOM ID badge and be in good standing with Rowan University Libraries to borrow materials from the Rowan-Virtua Health Sciences Library (HSL). Except for items from the Board Review and Reserve Collections borrowers may have a maximum of 50 items checked out of the HSL at a time.

Borrowers assume responsibility for all their library materials and should not lend them to other persons. Borrowers are responsible for materials returned in a damaged or unusable condition, or items never returned. Library materials are the University’s property and should not be altered, including being written in/on, dog-eared, or damaged in any other way.

After returning a book, borrowers are not eligible to check out the same book again until 24 hours later unless an identical duplicate copy is available. Borrowing periods for loaned library materials are listed below:

Type Borrowing Period Renewal


four weeks

one renewal

New Books

four weeks

No Renewal


in Library use only

2 hour (max 2 items at a time)

 Journals  in Library use only  
Reference materials in Library use only  
Board Review materials one week no renewal (max. 2 items at a tme)

It is a borrower’s responsibility to know when a borrowed item is due. Patrons with overdue items may be blocked from borrowing additional materials.

Items overdue by 90 days or more are considered lost. The Rowan-Virtua Health Sciences Library does not charge fines for overdue materials; however, borrowers will be charged a replacement fee, plus a $25 processing fee, for lost, damaged, or long overdue items. Replacement fees are equivalent to the actual replacement cost of the item. Failure to return overdue materials and resolve outstanding fees may result in a diploma hold.

In addition, any fines or fees charged by a lending library for overdue, damaged, or lost interlibrary loan materials will be added to the user’s account.

Any borrower who repeatedly does not return items by their due date, is non-responsive to overdue notices, and/or who damages materials may have borrowing privileges temporarily or permanently blocked at the discretion of the HSL staff.

Reserve Collection

The Health Sciences Library strives to make available online and in print required and recommended books provided faculty notify the library of additions, changes, and updates. The print Reserve collection is located behind the service desk in the Health Sciences Library.  While the library has print copy of many required and recommended books on reserve we may not have print copies of all required and recommended books .      

Guides listing required and recommended books and resources that support the Rowan-Virtua SOM curriculums with full text links, is available on the Health Sciences Library's website.

The loan period for print Reserve items is two hours, subject to recall after time ends. Users may borrow a maximum of two items at a time.

Books in the Reserve collection may be borrowed overnight and may be reserved for overnight use on a same-day basis.  Reserve books may be checked out during the last half hour that the Library is open and MUST be returned within the first half hour of opening the following day. Failure to follow this return policy may result in the suspension of borrowing privileges for the semester and referral to Student Affairs for academic discipline. 

Also Available for lending from the Service Desk:

Noice Canceling Headphones
Book and Laptop Stands Laptop Projectors
Portable Whiteboards Laptops
Whiteboard markers and erasers Lenovo and Mac Laptop Chargers
Android and Iphone/Ipad power cords Computer Mice

Board Review Collections

Two items may be checked out at one time and can be borrowed for one week. To view what print board review book are avaible at the Health Sciences Library see the Print Board Review Collection page via Library Search. Check the Health Sciences Library's Board Review Guide to see online options. 

Donating Books and Other Items to the Library

Because medical information changes rapidly and is considered out-dated in only a few years the Health Sciences Library strongly discourages the donation of personal medical books and related materials. If you have books that you think the library would want please submit a written list detailing the title, author, and publication date of each book to the Health Sciences Llibrary Director before bringing the books to the Library. The list will be reviewed and you will be contacted if the library is able to accept the books.

Collection Policy

View the Rowan University Libraries Collection Policy.  Any suggestions or recommendations for additions to the Rowan-Virtua SOM Health Sciences Library's collections should be directed to Ask A Librarian.