Computing Services

There are over 10 Internet connected computers and laptops in the library. All computers in the Library require users to log-in using their username and password. 

Installed software programs include computer-assisted instruction software and Microsoft Office applications.  In addition Rowan users can access programs mounted on the Rowan Virtual Desktop which includes applications such as SPSS, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Visual Studio, and many other useful programs. 

It is not possible to change programs on the hard drives or load new software onto library computers.   Personal files must be saved to flash drives, uploaded to cloud storage, or attached to emails.  Unauthorized files and documents are deleted from Library computers and laptops on a regular basis.  

The Library strives to provide a secure and virus-free computing environment. The Library staff is not responsible for damage to or loss of documents or flash drives used in the Library. Portable storage device, such as flash drives, used on any Rowan University computer or laptop will have encryption software automatically installed on your portable storage device.  For more information please see the Rowan IRT page on Portable Storage Encryption.

RowanSOM and GSBS students can print to a printer located in the library's Computer Lab using their print quota.  See the Rowan Student printing web page for more information.

There are 2 scanners in the Library, 1 of them located in the Computer Lab, and the other located on the main floor of the library has a document feeder. 

Computers may only be used by students, faculty and staff of Rowan University, and RowanSOM. Users are required to present valid identification upon request.