Reference, Research, and Consultation

Need help finding information?  Can't figure out how to begin your research?

Reference Librarians are available most weekdays until 9:00 pm to provide assistance with research projects, database searching and information retrieval.  All Rowan-Virtua SOM Librarians offer expertise in many areas, Questions may be asked in person, over the phone, by e-mail or by using the Ask a Librarian form.  The library's chat service (when available) can be used to ask simple, less complex questions (i.e. Do we have this book?,  Can you get this article?, what are today's hours?, etc. ) For complex questions or more in depth assistance scheduling an appointment is recommended. 

Group instruction is also available by appointment.  Faculty members may also request presentations or training tailored to the needs of a specific class or group, and training on any topic can be integrated into the curriculum or specific course.  The Library’s Classes and Training web page provides an overview of topics for which training can be scheduled.

The Health Sciences Library also provides a range of services and tools to support students, faculty and staff in their efforts to publish their work, present the results of their work at conferences, and review the scope of work for promotion.  Some of the areas in which library staff can assist users are listed on the library's Research Support Guides.