A Message from the Associate Provost

Welcome to Rowan University Libraries!

Scott Muir, Associate Provost
Photo Credit: Craig Terry

Growth is the operative word at Rowan University. Student and faculty population surges and increases in the arena of research are changing how the Libraries deliver services.

Students and faculty have access to hundreds of databases, thousands of peer-reviewed electronic journals, and physical print materials. We continue to acquire new resources in both print and electronic formats. We have well established collaborations with other universities and medical libraries to obtain copies of those materials that we do not own.  

Two of our campus libraries, Campbell in Glassboro and the School of Medicine in Stratford, have seen improvements to spaces for students and discussions for improvements to the library space are underway at Cooper Medical School in Camden. Ever aware of the study needs of our students, we continue to look for ways to offer improved spaces. All of our libraries offer night and weekend hours and Campbell Library continues to provide 24-hour support for all Rowan University students studying during final exam periods.

Rowan Digital Works, our institutional repository, facilitates faculty promotion of their scholarly publications and creative activity. This service, provided by the Libraries, in partnership with the Division of University Research, showcases the variety of scholarly and creative work produced by Rowan students and faculty and is viewed by researchers all over the world.

Faculty from any of our three campus communities may work with a subject specialist librarian to strengthen research and scholarship activities, prepare classroom research assignments, and assist students in their own research goals. Our two medical libraries are well established within their campus communities, operating with specialized librarians who work one-on-one with physicians and interns to deliver outstanding healthcare to patients. 

I encourage you to visit your campus Library, and use the Rowan University Libraries website to discover the wealth of online resources and services available to you as a member of the Rowan University Community.

Scott P. Muir