Printing and Copying

All copying and printing is in black-and-white, there is no color printing or copying available in the RowanSOM Library. 


The RowanSOM Library has 2 print systems in use, one for Rowan University students, and one for all other users.

RowanSOM and GSBS students, as well as other Rowan University students, can print from their print quota to a printer located in the library’s computer lab.  All library computers and laptops can send print jobs to this printer. 

Per page charges and policies in effect for the Rowan student’s campus, school, or college will apply to any print job sent to the quota printer in the RowanSOM library on the Stratford campus. For information on adding funds to your account see this FAQ.  

For all other users of the RowanSOM Library a pay-for-print system enables users to print from any of the computers in the library.  The system uses pre-valued cards sold at the front desk that costs $1, and come with 10 copies already on the card.  The cost for printing is 10¢ per page.  No refunds are given for any value left on cards.  

There is no color printing or copying available in the RowanSOM Library. 


A copy machine is available behind the front desk.  For Rowan students and staff there is no charge for fewer than 10 copies. For 10 or more copies, the cost is 10 cents per page.  For the general public the cost is 10 cents per page regardless of the numbers of copies made.

  • Staff can make change for bills $20 and under.
  • We accept cash and checks ONLY, NO debit or credit cards